Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Silver Bullet, 52nd and Aberdeen


The Silver Bullet. What a dive. I figured their bathroom would be a nightmare.

I was right.

Who needs an actual sign affixed to a door when you could just scribble "women" directly on there with a black magic marker? These guys know how to save money in these trying financial times.

They even get increased revenue from a condom machine. Safe sex. Yay!

Nothing goes better with pepto bismol pink walls than a matte grey sink.

There are no words for the vileness of this floor.

How exactly does one "c*nt up" this bathroom any more than the management already has?

Wow. This was one super classy bathroom! Figures. They have a Texas A&M flag on the wall. This thing rivals Bash's.

Rating: Five big turds

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