Monday, October 18, 2010

Crossroads, 19th and Ave. R

Floral Fantasy FAIL.

Nothing says "class" like a lei of fake pink gerber daisies draped over a bathroom stall door.

Unless it's a 1980s print of calla lilies with some eucalyptus on top of it.

Or this monstrosity over the mirror.

Biggest FAIL, though? It's the bar soap. I'm surprised they didn't have one of those creepy, cloth belt towels, too. Grody to the max!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blue Light, 19th Street and Buddy Holly

American Graffiti.

Graffiti is supposed to be a rebellious art. It is destructive. Clandestine. Verboten. Sneak a sharpie into the bathroom or, better yet, scrape out a message on the wall with a pocket knife or keys. Results are often amusing, as in the last post. However, bar-encouraged graffiti? FAIL.

This stall is COVERED in inane graffiti. "Marissa and Larissa love Tech!" "We Want Converse!!!" "Caitlin and Taryn run this shit!" If your name is Caitlin or Taryn, you likely don't run anything.

I have never seen so many hearts. So cute!!

Lamest tagging ever: "TTU Media Relations BAD ASSES Meg, Tess, Amanda!" Lord. I bet their boss would be proud to see his/her department name written on a wall in a bar bathroom.
Bathroom is spacious and clean, but annoying as hell.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bash's, Main Street and University

The Mile High Club

This is truly the worst bathroom in Lubbock. Greeting you as you walk in (though you won't do much "walking" in this bathroom) is an overturned trash can. Yay!

I'm not sure this photo relates just how small this bathroom stall is. The only thing separating this from an airplane bathroom is the lack of bright blue liquid in the toilet. If you are taller than 5'4", there is just no room to maneuver.

The other, slightly bigger stall. (Wider, but no more leg room than the other one)

The only redeeming feature of this bathroom is the creative graffiti, which you get a very close-up view of.

Classy, indeed. Also, I doubt very seriously that you can get Gew├╝rztraminer at Bash's.

This ladies bathroom is so small that they have to mount the paper towel dispenser up by the ceiling. There was also no light, save a barely flickering fluorescent camera flash was the only real illumination.

This place makes me want to check out adult diapers.